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Vision & Mission


Today's children are tomorrow's citizens. Snehalayam Ayurveda Child Development Centre's vision is to mould children with extra ordinary capabilities to serve the world's requirements based on Child nutrition and Child care principles of Ayurveda.


Snehalayam Ayurveda Child Development Centre's mission is to revolutionize the Ayurvedic system of child care practices by blending the old traditions with ultra modern technologies including artificial intelligence, thus providing maximum benefit to the present and future child population.

At present, Dr.S.K.Ramachandran.M.D(Ay), former Clinical Superintendent of Govt.Ayurveda College Hospital for Women and Children, Poojappura, Thiruvananthapuram spearheads the mission of Snehalayam Ayurveda Child Development Centre. Dr.Ramachandran who is considered as the Godfather of modern Indian Pediatrics in Kerala is the present Medical director and CEO of Snehalayam Ayurveda Child Development Centre.

Mr.Vinod and Mrs. Padmapriya, Kakkanadu, Ernakulam

"Our identical twin children Aradhana and Anjita suffered birth injuries and developed neurological problems in the form of spastic cerebral palsy and intractable seizures. We have tried alopathy, homeopathy, acupuncture and physiotherapy but in vain. Recently we have heard of Dr.Ramachandran and Snehalayam clinic in Thiruvananthapuram from one of my friend and started ayurvedic treatment for my daughters. The episodes of seizure stopped all of a sudden and never repeated for the last 10 months. Their developmental delay also improved considerably. Thank God and Snehalayam for relieving our misery….."

Mr.Nazeer and Mrs.Fathima, Thiruvananthapuram

"Our son, Siad, abruptly developed paralysis of right lower limb at the age of 6 months consequent on a mild febrile illness. Diagnosed as a case of Acute Flaccid Paralysis of right lower limb as a neurological sequel of Guillian Barre Syndrome offered no treatment barring from physiotherapy. Siad had undergone a course of Ayurvedic treatment in Snehalayam Ayurveda Vattavila, Thiruvananthapuram and he is gradually recovering from the peripheral neuropathy. He is now able to crawl and stand with support. Hope he may walk in a short while. They have suggested an orthosis also to assist him in preventing the dislocation of hip.……………"

Mrs.Shyamala, Thrissur

"I came to know about Snehalayam Ayurveda from my neighbor who also had a hearing impaired child like ours. I took my daughter for treatment at Thiruvananthapuram and after two months I feel a difference in her hearing level. I will surely come for the second course of treatment after 6 months………."

Mr.Rajendran and Mrs.Sarada, Kollam

"Our son, Harinandan was diagnosed having Childhood Autism three years back. He was undergoing only speech therapy by a therapist at that time. We have heard of Dr.Ramachandran from our family doctor and Snehalayam from our therapist. Harinandan had undergone 4 therapies for the last 2 years in Snehalayam by now and he has improved a lot in social behavior, communication and odd habits. His eye contact improved and he is now able to bye heart what we teach and dropped many of the undesired behavior. He seems to be more than average in solving math problems, we thank Dr.Ramachandran and his staff……………………"