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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are the diseases that are handled by the Centre?

Snehalayam Ayurveda Child Development Centre manages various problems of childhood ranging from skin diseases, allergies, and recurrent respiratory tract infections to developmental disorders, chromosomal abnormalities, etc. The centre has a special reputation in the management of developmental problems such as Cerebral palsy, Autism, Attention deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Seizures, Down syndrome, Mental retardation, Hydrocephalus, Post meningitis sequel etc.

What is the duration of treatment?

Depending upon the condition of the child, the treating doctors may suggest Outpatient or Inpatient management or both. The outpatient treatment essentially includes medications and small interventions that the parents can do in their own home. The inpatient management will comprise of Ayurvedic procedure based therapies modified exclusively to suit the children. It may last for a period of about 28-45 days and the child should be brought to the centre every day. There will be 2 to 3 hours treatment everyday Moderate stay facility is available in the centre on payment for distant patients. Canteen services are also available in the centre. The total duration of treatment may go up to 3-5 years depending upon the type and severity of the problem.

Whom to contact?

The Centre is under the direct control of the medical director. A Senior medical officer will be available in the center to control the day to day activities of the centre. The centre can be approached in person or contacted either through E-mail or phone. Contact no: 9446446404. The details are provided in Contact us link.

Are genetic disorders curable with treatment provided at the Centre?

Genetic disorders are incurable. But lifelong treatment in the form oil application on head or an internal medication can enable the patient to live normal life.

Are Congenital Heart Diseases manageable?

Congenital heart diseases like ASD, VSD, PDA, Fallot's Tetralogy etc that do not warrant immediate surgical correction can be effectively managed with Ayurvedic treatment.

Are the medications bitter in taste? Can we sweeten the medication?

Some of the medications are sweet. But many of the medications are bitter in taste. They can be sweetened by adding sugar, candy sugar or honey.

Is behavioral therapy essential for autism and pervasive developmental disorders?

In Childhood autism behavioral therapy is not essential at the beginning. Early intervention along with Ayurvedic treatment provides good results. Starting of behavior therapy as early as possible is good for changing bad or undesired behaviors in pervasive developmental disorders.

How much time will be necessary to see changes in developmental problems after starting Ayurvedic treatment?

The changes with medication will be seen only after 3-6 months therapy.

What type of food can be served during intensive in-patient treatment?

Foods low in fats should be provided. Avoid sour, spicy, salty and oily food. Avoid yolk of egg, fish and meat. Reduce usage of oil seeds. Avoid fast foods, bakery foods, ice creams and cola drinks

What foods can be served during follow up treatment or home treatment?

Same as above.

Is speech therapy needed before child is able to speak?

Yes. Before expressive speech the child may have the ability of receptive speech. This should be promoted by cognitive speech therapy.

Is physiotherapy needed during Ayurvedic treatment?

During intensive treatment (in-patient treatment) physiotherapy is not needed since the effect physiotherapy shall be gained through Ayurvedic procedure based therapies. But physiotherapy should be provided during follow up therapy

Whether treatment and accommodation can be reserved in advance?

The treatment and accommodation can be reserved through either phone or e-mail if you are able to fix the date of arrival.

Whether food and accommodation available during in-patient treatment?

Food and accommodation is available. Vegetarian food may be provided on request.

For accommodation purpose, Non Ac double rooms are available @ Rs 350 per day.

What will be average cost of in- patient treatment per day?

The treatment cost including all medicines may be around Rs.1000/-per day

At what place one have to take the in-patient treatment?

The treatment shall be provided at the Panchakarma Theatre of Snehalayam Ayurveda Child Development Centre at Mudavanmugal.

Is Ayurvedic treatment effective in Chromosomal and genetic disorders?

Ayurvedic treatment can bring remarkable changes in various fields of development including motor, language, cognitive, personal social and behavior in chromosomal and genetic disorders especially of neuro-developmental problems.

What is the total duration of treatment? How many courses of treatment may be necessary?

What is the frequency of intensive care treatments?

Usually it may take 2-3 years to get the maximum benefits and intensive Ayurvedic therapies may be needed twice in a year for the first two to three years. Usually one therapy extends for 5 weeks. You have to follow up medication up to the next treatment to fortify the effect of the treatment.

On which days of week can you make appointments for consultation?

On Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays

Whether appointments are available other than Thiruvananthapuram centre?

Yes. Appointments can also be made at the rural centre at Varkala (Sree nararayana pharmacy, Railway Station Road, Varkala) on Tuesdays and Sundays.