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Developmental Pediatrics
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Child Nutrition
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Preventive Pediatrics
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Cognitive & Behavioral Pediatrics
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Childhood Developmental problems - Cerebral palsy, Autism, ADHD etc.

Growth and development of the child is the transformation of a dependent living being into a self-supporting resourceful individual of the future. After birth, the child survives with the help of others and looks out for assistance in each action.


Childhood Skin problems - Atopic dermatitis, Dermatomyositis, Contact dermatitis, Ichthyosis

Many of the skin problems seen in toddlers are also seen throughout childhood. Caused by infection of the highly contagious varicella zoster virus. The virus spreads through the air or via physical contact and the incubation period is between 10 and 21 days.


Recurrent Respiratory problems - Allergy , Infection, Asthma etc.

Pediatric respiratory tract infections are one of the most common reasons for physician visits and hospitalization, and are associated with significant morbidity and mortality. Respiratory infections are common and frequent diseases and present one of the major complaints in children.


Welcome to Snehalayam Ayurveda Child Development Centre

Kerala is considered the warehouse of Ayurveda treatment. Kerala traditional physicians were having a reputation in Bala chikitsa also. But the invasion of modern medicine in the last centuary has shadowed the traditional bala chikitsa and it has been limited to a few families of Malabar physicians. Those who involved in bala chikitsa also neglected the developmental problems of children leaving them to destiny and fate. The revival of bala chikitsa in present era was carried out by certain academic institutions of Kerala. Among these, the Trivandrum school of thought has provided most valuable and effective treatment modalities for managing developmental problems of children under the superior guidance of Dr.Ramachandran. He has dedicated his entire service for the development of the Indian version of pediatrics in academic, clinical and research fields.

He has made the Govt. Ayurveda college Hospital for women and children at Trivandrum a destination centre for children suffering from developmental problems. As a continuation of his vision and mission about developing Kaumarabhritya (the branch of Ayurveda Pediatrics), after retiring from govt. service, has formed a centre for providing Child development programs by the name, Snehalayam Ayurveda.

Mr.Vinod and Mrs. Padmapriya, Kakkanadu, Ernakulam

"Our identical twin children Aradhana and Anjita suffered birth injuries and developed neurological problems in the form of spastic cerebral palsy and intractable seizures. We have tried alopathy, homeopathy, acupuncture and physiotherapy but in vain. Recently we have heard of Dr.Ramachandran and Snehalayam clinic in Thiruvananthapuram from one of my friend and started ayurvedic treatment for my daughters. The episodes of seizure stopped all of a sudden and never repeated for the last 10 months. Their developmental delay also improved considerably. Thank God and Snehalayam for relieving our misery….."

Mr.Nazeer and Mrs.Fathima, Thiruvananthapuram

"Our son, Siad, abruptly developed paralysis of right lower limb at the age of 6 months consequent on a mild febrile illness. Diagnosed as a case of Acute Flaccid Paralysis of right lower limb as a neurological sequel of Guillian Barre Syndrome offered no treatment barring from physiotherapy. Siad had undergone a course of Ayurvedic treatment in Snehalayam Ayurveda Vattavila, Thiruvananthapuram and he is gradually recovering from the peripheral neuropathy. He is now able to crawl and stand with support. Hope he may walk in a short while. They have suggested an orthosis also to assist him in preventing the dislocation of hip.……………"

Mrs.Shyamala, Thrissur

"I came to know about Snehalayam Ayurveda from my neighbor who also had a hearing impaired child like ours. I took my daughter for treatment at Thiruvananthapuram and after two months I feel a difference in her hearing level. I will surely come for the second course of treatment after 6 months………."

Mr.Rajendran and Mrs.Sarada, Kollam

"Our son, Harinandan was diagnosed having Childhood Autism three years back. He was undergoing only speech therapy by a therapist at that time. We have heard of Dr.Ramachandran from our family doctor and Snehalayam from our therapist. Harinandan had undergone 4 therapies for the last 2 years in Snehalayam by now and he has improved a lot in social behavior, communication and odd habits. His eye contact improved and he is now able to bye heart what we teach and dropped many of the undesired behavior. He seems to be more than average in solving math problems, we thank Dr.Ramachandran and his staff……………………"